dealerstar001003DealerStar.Com is the only fully integrated multi-company, multi-language DMS that is web-based.  Two patents have been granted for this technology.

DealerStar is a  Tier 1 DMS – like CDK and R+R at a price lower than many Tier 2!

Over 10 years ago, Sandi Jerome became frustrated with lack of features in Tier 2 systems and the cost of Tier 1 DMS systems that most larger and multi-dealership groups required.  She evaluated various platforms and then started designing DealerStar from the ground up.  Nobody knows how DMS systems should work better than Sandi – both as a user and designer.  She recently received a patent for DealerStar’s innovated web-based design that can be accessed from any device or browser – including the iPad and smartphones. Starting very carefully, DealerStar is now installed at over 25 dealerships with 3 using the full system for over 4 years. DealerStar has completed GM, KIA, and VW certification for DealerStar and is completing Ford, Honda, and Chrysler. These 6 integrations will cover 80% of the franchised new market.  To learn more, visit

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