Speeding up the F&I Process

If you have ever spent time with a toddler, you learned that asking them, "do you want an orange or apple" will get you a faster answer than asking “what do you want for a snack?”  The same is true with your customers.  Instead of presenting each F&I product and painfully going through the yes/no … Continue reading Speeding up the F&I Process


Nobody goes to Work to do a Bad Job

I doubt if any of your employees look in the mirror each morning and say “I can’t wait to get to work and mess things up and then get yelled at.”  But it seems that our employees make so many mistakes.  They forget to tell a technician that a part has arrived and then a … Continue reading Nobody goes to Work to do a Bad Job

Your DMS and Internet Services

A dealer recently sent me his monthly DMS billing for over $25,000 a month.  Included in this price were items like toner, credit bureau fees and even a phone system.  I had to wonder, “What is considered a DMS today?”  Would you get Internet Service, order technician tools, or keep your bank accounts with your … Continue reading Your DMS and Internet Services

Turning Technology into Profit

A client emailed me that he had started using a tool to email sales commissions to the managers and sales people.  He claimed, “This is an awesome tool!! It removes the tedious task of distributing commission calculations and ensures distribution is 100% accurate. I estimate it takes one and half minutes to email a commission … Continue reading Turning Technology into Profit

Technology Training

Digital Dealer - Technology Training By Sandi Jerome There are four primary learning styles: visual, auditory, read-write, and kinesthetic.  A visual learner typically is a fast-talker who likes to interrupt and needs to see things visually – or hear things that brings up a visual image.  An example of this would be a sales manager.  This … Continue reading Technology Training

Getting More from your DMS DOC

Digital Dealer - Sandi Jerome “It can be frustrating to look at the expenses and deductions on your DOC because many of them don’t happen until the end of the month, but smaller variances will stand out on a daily basis.” The DOC – or Daily Operating Control is a DMS report that is rather … Continue reading Getting More from your DMS DOC

Your DMS and Recalls

Digital Dealer-Sandi Jerome  “By completing the recall while the vehicle is still on the lot or in your shop means more profit.” Last year was a record year for recalls; over 50 million vehicles had recalls with over 900 different campaigns.  This was the third year in a row that recalls topped 50 million vehicles.  … Continue reading Your DMS and Recalls