Technology Training

Digital Dealer - Technology Training By Sandi Jerome There are four primary learning styles: visual, auditory, read-write, and kinesthetic.  A visual learner typically is a fast-talker who likes to interrupt and needs to see things visually – or hear things that brings up a visual image.  An example of this would be a sales manager.  This … Continue reading Technology Training

Getting More from your DMS DOC

Digital Dealer - Sandi Jerome “It can be frustrating to look at the expenses and deductions on your DOC because many of them don’t happen until the end of the month, but smaller variances will stand out on a daily basis.” The DOC – or Daily Operating Control is a DMS report that is rather … Continue reading Getting More from your DMS DOC

Technology and Office CRM

Digital Dealer –Sandi Jerome “How can you use training and technology to improve customer service in your accounting office?” According to Harvey Mackay, “Southwest Airlines is successful because the company understands it's a customer service company. It also happens to be an airline.”  While almost every major U.S. airline has declared bankruptcy, Southwest Airlines has … Continue reading Technology and Office CRM

DMS, CRM and Closing Ratios

Digital Dealer -  Sandi Jerome “What is your closing ratio and the real cost of lost sales?” According to successful businessman, Fred DeLuca, “Profit or perish... There are only two ways to make money: increase sales and decrease costs.” In the car business, we all know what it means to increase sales; but decreasing costs can … Continue reading DMS, CRM and Closing Ratios

Is your DMS going Paperless?

Digital Dealer - Sandi Jerome “Is your DMS system dooming you for disaster during an audit?” They say that the best description of a tax auditor is someone who arrives after the battle and shoots all the wounded.  I’ve been through some rough tax audits for my clients, but the worse was after a controller quit.  … Continue reading Is your DMS going Paperless?

DMS and Profit Accounting

Digital Dealer – Sandi Jerome “Office Managers and Controllers need to become part of the operational team and a true contributor to profit.” According to Warren Buffet, “Application and improvement of some modern accounting and financial techniques are fundamentally changing the company’s ability to make a profit.”  Can you consider your DMS a modern accounting … Continue reading DMS and Profit Accounting

Are you being Proactive with your DMS?

Digital Dealer – Sandi Jerome  “There are many ways your DMS can be proactive instead of reactive”   If you were standing in front of a house on fire and there was a hose and hydrant, everyone would say that the solution to the problem is to connect the hose and put out the fire.  What … Continue reading Are you being Proactive with your DMS?

Does Toilet Paper have a Part Number? Purchasing

Recently at a seminar I was teaching, one of the attendees complained about the accounts payable system of the older legacy DMS system he had.  He said that when he orders non-part supplies like printer paper, toilet paper, pens, or light bulbs, there is no receiving process for those items.  Compare this to the process … Continue reading Does Toilet Paper have a Part Number? Purchasing

Has the Tide Turned for DMS Security?

During the past few years, the big DMS providers have been tightening security and limiting outside access to DMS data.  Recently, CDK (ADP) announced their SecurityFirst program that includes the new Dealer Data Exchange.  According to CDK’s website, “DDX is an innovative, easy-to-use suite of integration tools that allows dealers to monitor and manage data … Continue reading Has the Tide Turned for DMS Security?

Picking a DMS System

During the last Digital Dealer Conference, I presented a seminar on “Changing DMS Systems” which included a quiz to see if you need a Tier 1 system like R+R, DealerStar, or ADP (CDK) or can you switch to a Tier 2 or 3 system like AutoSoft, AutoMate, Dominion ACS, or DealerTrack.  During my past few … Continue reading Picking a DMS System