Your DMS and Technology Tasks

Digital Dealer - Sandi Jerome “How can I make sure everyone is doing their job?” I was once working late at night in the accounting office as a consultant on their DMS computer and needed a pen to write down an error message.  I opened one of the desk drawers and found a large stack … Continue reading Your DMS and Technology Tasks


Are you being Proactive with your DMS?

Digital Dealer – Sandi Jerome  “There are many ways your DMS can be proactive instead of reactive”   If you were standing in front of a house on fire and there was a hose and hydrant, everyone would say that the solution to the problem is to connect the hose and put out the fire.  What … Continue reading Are you being Proactive with your DMS?

Three Rules for Integration

Digital Dealer – Sandi Jerome “If an integrator has access to the databases in your CRM or DMS, can they use that data to accumulate more customers and then resell them to other dealers?” A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history.   During my years of consulting, I discovered … Continue reading Three Rules for Integration

Inventory-Maximizing Gross Profit

Jim Sinegal, the co-founder of Costco once said, “We want to turn our inventory faster than our people.”  There can be two meanings to this quote, the first being, “we hope that our employees will be with us a long time” and the second, “we hope that we turn inventory faster than our employees turn … Continue reading Inventory-Maximizing Gross Profit